Security Operations Centre

At Teceze, our systems collect and correlate cyber security information across the entire organisation. To detect malicious patterns and provide a central source for reporting.

Our Approach to IT Security

At Teceze, we combine industry-leading cyber security solutions with our fully Managed Services to ensure a tailored and robust fit for your business.

Managed Cyber Security Services – Protect & Prevent

Teceze 6-step Managed Cyber Security process is designed to provide maximum protection from cyber threats and provide a quick and efficient response to the suspected breaches.

  • Identify: audit for risks and recommend steps to increase protection.​
  • Protect: design and implement layered security strategy to minimise risk.​
  • Monitor: 24x7 monitoring and updates, via industry leading threat-detection systems.​
  • Detect: early detection and warning systems allow our service desk to take action and limit attack impact.​
  • Respond: quickly address issues and follow incident management protocol.​
  • Recover: managed support and resolution with backup and disaster recovery strategy, if required.​

A layered approach to Cyber Security

The Cyber threat is constantly evolving. No sooner has one form of attack been addressed than a new one appears. There’re also many different modes of attack (vectors) – ransomware, phishing, whaling, spamming, virus, web redirection, and human error, for example.

There isn’t a single solution that addresses all the forms of attack. That’s where our approach, known as layered Cyber Security comes in.

Our dedicated cyber security division provides cyber security expertise by providing Cyber Security-as-a-Service (CSaaS) to meet the needs of all small and medium-sized businesses.

Our expertise spans all of the recommended security layers required to offer comprehensive cyber protection, including training and user awareness, systems, support and planning.

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