Who are we?

Teceze is the digital partner who is striving for our customers and clients towards digital transformation. We are the leading Managed IT Service Provider company providing professional IT solutions to both public and private sector organizations. If you are a business entity looking for 24/7
IT support, remote IT support, managed security services or consultancy services, then Teceze is here to assist with your organizational needs. Our IT technicians, engineers are consultants who are skilled professionals who will work with you alongside to fulfill your requirements.

Our aim is to become your digital partner who fulfills your end-to-end IT needs. At Teceze, we operate on a 24/7 around the clock basis. We are available to assist our customers’ needs around the Globe. We have dedicated teams to attend a customer or client for all the time zones.

What do we offer?

We aim to give our end-customers the ability to sustain in the digital world. We provide advisory services in the fields of strategy and transformation, innovation and  IT operations using our unbeaten digital transformation expertise and business experience. This approach has led to the enhancement of opportunities in the digital future.

At Teceze, we are continuously on the lookout for new technologies and how we could improvise business IT systems. We help out businesses take IT decisions by providing the insights like an IT manager. We are very much capable of deploying an IT resource for locations around the Globe. We provide a complete roadmap by understanding your needs and help you in getting there. We provide IT resource outsourcing when it comes to IT Field Engineer requirements. As every now and then a new technology surfaces and businesses are prone to face a challenge when it comes to skilled professionals and that’s where the businesses lack. In order to eradicate that challenge, we offer our IT field engineer service – when a requirement arises from end-customer who is looking for an IT professional to provide on-site IT support with a specific expertise and we at Teceze, assure 100 per cent service delivery.

Teceze offers complex IT project delivery and management, design and implementation of IT strategy roadmap, Cloud-based services, Network security, IT field engineer services and much more.

Highlights of using Teceze IT Consultancy Services

  • Up-to-date with technologies.
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer support is offered.
  • Cost-effective approach rather than hiring an independent IT consultant.
  • Increase return on investment
  • The skilled pool of internal experience, knowledge and IT expertise.
  • Dedicated team consisting of IT Technicians and Project Managers offer their expertise support our IT consultants.
  • Microsoft Silver accredited.

Why choose Teceze for IT consultancy?

Being an IT company ourselves, we are very much aware that IT is an integral part of an organization. Forming and handling an IT team is crucial for the success and growth for any organization. At Teceze, we consult and provide you the best team who would be working side by side and offering expert advice, support to help you manage and deliver. We guide businesses throughout their digitalization journey empowering them to create their digital future.

Teceze provides the best technology solutions to suit your business needs. We also offer Managed Security services to all businesses who are proactively looking to outsource their IT. Starting from business strategy to IT operations,
ad-hoc, expert advice to fully managed IT solutions, we are delighted to help
our customers and clients with our structured IT consulting services.

Roadmap to Success:

  1. Project analysis – Understanding your organization’s requirements and delivery expectations.
  2. Detailed planning – After understanding your needs, our team initiates the planning stage. We maintain transparency and effective communication. We make sure to visualize your desired outcome from our project analysis and move forward to focus on the next stage.
  3. Service delivery – We co-ordinate with our customers and maintain consistency in every step of the process to ensure 100 percent service delivery.
  4. Project Management – Our customers are the priority and we strive to win customer satisfaction in providing 24/7 support or be it an escalation support. We walk with our customers throughout their road to achieve success.

As there are IT budget constraints for any business, employing a resource in-house for an opportunity that might occur once in a blue moon is tedious and expensive. In such circumstances, we encourage businesses to reach out to IT consulting, where we can offer our IT solutions. This is very more cost effective approach.

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