Fully Managed IT Services for Charity

In order to work safely and efficiently, charities need reliable IT support. An IT service for a charity will have the assistance needed to carry out all digitised work, from safely taking online donations to designing marketing campaigns.

By getting the full benefit from your current IT processes, you reduce your IT running costs, free up critical funds and achieve your short-to long-term goals.

For charities and non-profit organizations that want to boost their current IT operations and get full value from their small IT budget, Teceze offers added value IT support. In rare situations where a problem cannot be remotely resolved, we provide Immediate day-to-day telephone and remote technical support and Extremely fast reactive on-site support.

Why Choose Teceze?

Highly Skilled Professionals

IT Outputs are really proud of our group's high ability range. We demand that our workers are periodically retrained to ensure that their expertise is up to date with the latest IT and related technological advancements.

For our customers, this is good news as it means that we are still able to find solutions to problems and propose the best course of action to remedy the problem areas. The ability to predict the possible triggers of concern and figure them out before they can get out of hand is part of the task of managing IT and its processes!

Range of experience in the industry

It can be a challenging decision to choose an IT support company, as each needs to have an understanding of your specific industry. Fortunately, with IT Outcomes, you can be confident that within your sector we have worked extensively. In the education field, inside charitable and non-profit organizations and with a whole range of different business organizations, we work closely with clients. We are able to tailor our services to meet the industry's preferences and needs. One of the leading programs of its kind in the UK is our IT Support for Schools.

Integrative support

A significant attribute of why we are so renowned in our sector is working closely with our customers. We are available to provide help as and when you need it, instead of setting you up and leaving you to handle things alone. If that's on-site for planned visits, or offsite at the end of the phone, we can provide whatever you need. Our primary goal is to ensure that you get the results you want from your IT, so we provide the level of support needed to achieve those results.

Helping Not-for-Profits change the world through a quick, cost-effective IT solutions

Your charity or non-profit organization is devoted to helping others, and Teceze is dedicated to making it possible to have a greater impact on our non-profit clients.

We are constantly searching for cost-effective IT strategies that can better help you transform your company or charity. In order to improve user access, protection and flexible versatility, options include making use of leading cloud solutions. In addition, we will make it easier for you to relax, knowing that we have the technical skills to secure your organization.

Advantages of our IT services

We operate alongside leading providers of IT cloud, hardware and applications. This makes us best positioned to provide guidance and help independently. Our extensive provision of IT management helps your company to obtain the guidance and support it needs to thrive, including:

  • Network monitoring for 24 hours
  • 24/7 remote support
  • Daily visits to a dedicated IT administrator
  • Current users' patching, fixes and management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Support starting from procurement, budgeting and licensing

With an IT Strategy Roadmap, we will assist your charity to achieve its short-to-long-term objectives.

We will build a tailor-made 12-month rolling IT strategy roadmap that clearly explains how technology will help your charity strategy, solve your problems, and push your fundraising efforts.

It is important to build an IT Strategy Roadmap to keep your ongoing IT investment in line with your charitable goals. An IT Strategy Roadmap's primary functions will enable you to:

  • Facilitate discussions on IT investment with the management teams for the upcoming financial year
  • Enhance scheduling for future IT projects and services
  • Understand what technology is required to support your charitable efforts and fundraising strategies.

We are here to help!

It's a tricky method to find the right IT support firm. There are so many out there and from the many lists of services they sell, it's a minefield to pick. We say we're different from most of them. We aspire to become your Trusted Technology partner.

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