Security incidents and the risks that come with them are almost unavoidable but the way in which they can cause problems for your business can prove costly in many ways. Of course, the longer it takes to identify and react to a breach, the more damage it will cause. Therefore, acting fast is the best way to deal with the issue and that is why Teceze’s breach management service is the right choice for you.


Teceze’s Breach Management Service

Our service is designed to offer a rapid response to all data security breaches.
Once a compromise has been identified, we instantly put our breach response into action and that compromises of:

– Fast identification of attack to determine the damage and nature, when it occurred, who carried out the attack as well as the attack train
– Using the right technologies to contain the attack, preventing the spread, block the attacker and implementing measures to alleviate the attack

– Playbooks that consist of different sets of tasks to assist a breach response action plan
– Working with different areas of your business to execute the playbooks in a coordinated way
-Getting your business back up and running by recovering your systems and restoring your data
– Planning long-term actions to neutralise the risks and identify the causes to stop breaches in the future

Early identification of breaches through regular assessments

Those attacks that are at an advanced stage can prove difficult to detect. Attackers use a wide range of tactics to remain hidden before the attack takes hold and damage is caused. Therefore, our service is designed to continuously work to detect threats that might go unnoticed within your systems.

– To identify hidden attack and attackers, we carry out scans across the whole of your network
– The attack is quickly contained through the use of the right technologies.

This helps to reduce the spread, stop the attacker and put the correct measures in place
– All end-points are subject to deep analytics as well as network data in order to identify malevolent activity
– We seek out signs of compromise as well as attackers TTPs that are collected through our global intelligence

– All systems will be recovered and data will be restored to how it was prior to the compromise, enabling your business to begin operating once again
– The causes are identified and the right actions are put in place to reduce the risk of security breaches.


Preparing your business for breach response

It is not just about how you deal with incidents but the actions you put in place to ensure you are ready to deal with responses. We consider just how prepared you are and then look at areas that require improvement. We make it possible for you to manage your security response on-site and remotely. Therefore, we assist with the following:
– The correct level of system cover to monitor security threats and detect them along with the introduction of the right rules
– The ability to collect evidence


– Plans linked to communicating and notifying of breaches
– Ensuring you comply with regulations that affect breach management
– The correct training and awareness to ensure that staff are capable of handling breaches.

                               Why Teceze’s Breach Management Service is Right forYou

Our service uses artificial intelligence, the right level of automation and the skills and experience of experts to deliver a rapid response to all attacks.

A platform based on advanced technology

Carrying out breach management manually can take time and cannot find the full extent of an attack. We call on our breach management platform, which is an industry leader, and use artificial intelligence to collect all relevant data. We then investigate, contain and implement playbooks in order to manage a data breach.


Evolving threat intelligence

We scour the globe to collect all relevant threat intelligence. This enables us to understand the type of attacks that take place and how they take place. This makes it possible for us to act fast when we need to identify potential attacks as well as deal with attacks already taking place. We also look at the methods used and the motivation behind them.



Full attack reports

When an attack takes place, knowing as much as possible is key to preventing future attacks. Therefore, we provide information on all affected assets, the exploited vulnerabilities and the type of attack. All malware is captured and analysed to help identify its type of operation and the impact it has had.



Breach management on-site and in the cloud

We understand that attacks can take place on-site and on in your cloud systems. Our breach management service is aimed at helping your business to recover following an attack while making it hardened to any further attacks..




Experts on hand

We have cybersecurity experts here for you when you need them and so, they can provide assistance and intervention at your site once they are immediately available.

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