Firewall auditing 

At Teceze, we carry out a broad range of firewall security reviews alongside our firewall testing services. This requires us to audit the rule base and how it aligns with the industry best practice. Utilizing a wide range of tools and scripts, we can carry out a detailed assessment on:

– Juniper
– Cisco
– Palo Alto and many other industry-leading firewall providers

firewal auditing


The firewall audit undertaken by Teceze recognises weak protocols, insecure rules and further data leakages that could cause problems for the infrastructure of the firewall. Our team of experts has the experience of building firewalls from the very first step while also implementing technology that comes a number of the leading firewall retailers. This gives us the opportunity to see everything from the perspective of both the attacker and the defender, which enables us to carry out assessments that are some of the most arduous and thorough in our industry.

How Our Clients Benefit

– Weaknesses are identified and dealt with in order to strengthen the infrastructure of the firewall
– Thorough assessments are carried out to deliver complete peace of mind
– A wide range of firewall security reviews are carried out
– Find rules that are excessively tolerant

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