Future workforce

We are undergoing a profound transformation in the way we function. Automation and 'thinking machines' replace human activities, altering
the abilities that companies pursue within their employees. But what
will become of the future?

It's not a time to sit back and wait to see things unfold. You must recognize it, to be prepared for the future.

A future workforce demands brains and robots


Digital technology reinvents how we operate, but not as you can think. More than replacing individuals, it makes them more important than ever — a win-win for the future workforce.

In this new age of relation between man and machine, companies need to develop their approach. Learn how to build data-driven strategies to maximize the full resource ecosystem at your disposal, from robotics and AI to employees and adaptive talent.

Via on-demand interactive learning opportunities and other personalized services, we will assist you in constantly reviewing, retraining, and developing the employees to lead now and in the future.

Managed Services


Level I

This entry level support provides the customer access to a dedicated Hadoop help-desk equipped to handle technical incidents. Resolutions/solutions are delivered according to a determined Service Level Agreement. This support service can cover Hadoop (Hive, Hbase, Sqoop, Kafka).

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Level II

Level II provides monitoring, tuning, patching, backups and the general health of the Hadoop system. Help-desk support is provided for incidents that may occur throughout the working day. As with Level I, Teceze can offer this service for many distributions including MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks.

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Level III

Level III takes the comprehensive managed service provided by Level II and extends the hours of coverage to 24×7 for critical issues. This is ideal for organizations whose system is business critical and 24-hour availability is the key.

Our customers use our service because they:

  1. Have a desire to direct development resources and efforts towards their app and core business
  2. Make the right choices from the start, by using experts in Hadoop bigdata
  3. They are currently investing in it and require assistance in creating a stable environment
  4. Want to adopt and implement Hadoop but are unable to offer the tie required to familiarise themselves with the new technology
  5. Require method for projects and development that is flexible
  6. They want to approach clients in a co-operative, communicative and honest way
  7. The best prices for Hadoop architects, developers, and consultants
  8. Expertise and experience, as well as, deep open technology, systems, and applications
  9. Business analysis, user experience, and user interfaces delivered by front-end specialists
  10. Engagement and project delivery from experts with a proven track record of success
  11. Hadoop project that is delivered quickly and cost-effectively
  12. Thorough Quality Assurance testing before going live.

End To End Support

Teceze will provide end-to-end Hadoop proof of value to include distribution deployment, data loading, creation of prototype pipelines, testing, and fine-tuning, and delivery of documentation and test results. Our consultants will work with your team to deploy a Hadoop production pilot project, a tuned and tested restricted scope production pilot cluster, and finally, a production-ready framework, providing full reports on the ongoing cluster operations and maintenance procedures.

Rebuild your resources to overcome the lack of skills

Business leaders should consider developing a potential workforce in which humans and smart machines work together to improve efficiency, creativity, and growth.

Rethink the job

Allocate jobs to people and machines, thus balancing increasing trends and automation. Develop project-based teams, and map skills to build new tasks.

Workforce switch

Organize to generate new ways of interest for agility. Develop flexible structures and handle the workforce to support core business as well as a new business.

Scaling up new skills

Prioritize skills, balancing technical, judgmental, and social skills. Cater to the willingness to learn and to accelerate the VR, AR, and AI training.

What Teceze do?

We are unleashing human potential. We believe that human work is supposed to be imaginative and inspiring. For this purpose, our goal is to develop Robotic Process Automation solutions that are fast and scalable to attain true potential for companies.

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