What are Your HIPAA Compliance Requirements?

There is every chance that you have worked with business that promise to deliver the very best solutions but fail to do so. At Teceze, we aim to assist you in identifying those HIPAA requirement that are applicable to your business. We then take you through the process that leads to you becoming HIPAA compliant. Regardless of your needs, we are there to support you when you need it. When you work with us, we will impress you with our attention to detail and our ability to deliver support that stands out.

Partner Up With Teceze

Remaining organised, monitoring progress, and remaining compliant is made possible through the Teceze HIPAA dashboard. You will have the ability to actively track your risk analysis, risk management plan, training well as policies and procedures. All of this can be done in one place.

HIPAA Compliance at Your Pace

It can take a lot time and it can often be complicated to maintain a HIPAA Compliance project. Compliance can be handled easily through the Teceze HIPAA compliance dashboard using simple steps in a time frame that works for you.

A Simple, Risk-Based Approach to HIPAA Security Compliance

You will be guided seamlessly through your HIPAA security risk analysis, network security implementation and documentation by our Teceze HIPAA Specialists, who take a prioritised and risk-based approach. Our specialist are on hand to identify and actively prioritise those areas that require work in order to remain compliant.

These are identified in your risk management plan and can be quickly utilised to secure your PHI environment. This will mean that you have evidence of good-faith compliance in the instance of a Health and Human Services (HHS) HIPAA audit.

Risk Reduction and Patient Security

It can prove challenging to identify a clear stability between delivered high-level of healthcare services and the HIPAA standard. Criminals are now evolving the way in which they are stealing data and so, the range of HIPAA compliance reaches further afield as a result of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and omnibus rule.


Why Teceze?

To assist you in becoming compliant, Teceze utilizes the latest technology and resources that help to prevent the theft of protected healthcare information (PHI) while also continuing to give your brand an image that is recognised.

A Reliable Security Partnership

When you choose to work with Teceze, you will benefit from a vast experience of data security and compliance. The stress that comes with HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use requirement can be reduced through our impressive knowledge and in-depth services.

We also recognise that HIPAA changes and so, we can provide you with the necessary resources to remain current. All of your HIPAA documentation will be held centrally, ensuring you are prepared for an NHS audit or investigation.

Tools for an Accurate Assessment

Our HIPAA dashboard has been designed to contain the right tools that help you through the compliance process. This includes business associate agreement templates, internal and external vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, mobile device security, privacy and security policies as well as HIPAA training.

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