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Incident Analysis Service

Teceze incident analysis services will provide you with super-fast analysis of the alerts that actually turn into incidents. You will receive forensic automation, while skilled analysts will investigate threats to identify attack chain, impact and threat actors.

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    Accurate and Thorough Incident Analysis Reports

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    Centralized Data Collection

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    Full Case Management

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    Extended Visibility

Teceze’s Incident Analysis Service

Enhance Prioritisation with Automated Incident Analysis

There is no requirement for alerts to be pursued manually. You will receive threat data that is machine algorithm scored, correlated and enhanced. In order for you to respond to threats faster, we provide you with our scoring input that comes with external intelligence, asset value, propagation and attacker behaviour. All machine data is validated by our incident analysts, delivering enhanced accuracy. Therefore, alerts are no longer managed by illogical rules, while your business will no longer be constrained by the limits of your security staff.


Receive Deeper Incident Analysis and a Wider Coverage

You will have the ability to identify whether an incident has happened and if there is any resulting damage. All alerts are investigated to identify their impact, blast radius and attacker attributes. Teceze elevates the effectiveness of each stage by maximising the breadth of coverage, prior to incident analysis, and the depth of analysis after prioritising.

Receive Complete Attack information prior to it unfolding

Cyber Security

Receive related threat data rapidly, enabling you to determine which alerts form part of a threat, the behaviour of the target, the source and the tools. You will have the ability to see how targeted assets are affected, including current asset activity along with all alterations in the asset, as well as, any signs of compromise. If compliance alerts have been put in place that do not require prioritisation, we add circumstantial data to assist you in understanding the alerts.

Full Case Management

From validation to investigation, systematic case management can be implemented to help trace alerts. Full investigation history can be viewed as well as forensic data and results. Through incident intelligence, you will clearly see which alerts happen frequently and to which targets.

Existing Systems Benefit from Extended Visibility

The incident analysis service from Teceze will help to extend visibility that reaches beyond that of the basic indicators of compromise (IOCs) that are delivered through existing solutions such as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR) systems. You will receive complete coexistence, centralized management, as well as, a thorough understanding of all alerts and incidents.

  • Why Choose Teceze’s Incident Analysis Service?

    You will receive detailed and relevant incident mitigation steps rapidly, enabling you to act fast and reduce all risks.

  • Accurate and Thorough Incident Analysis Reports

    An incident analysis report is produced that delivers highly accurate information explaining the attack campaign. It also goes further than the isolated alert to deliver clear and concise mitigation steps that your IT and Cyber security teams can implement.

  • Centralized Data Collection and Analysis Tools

    To help aid and speed up analysis, Newton merges all relevant threat data. Using Teceze’s wide range of reporting tools and analytics that are ready for you to use, you will have the ability to view status and progression instantly, when you need it.

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