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Incident Response Service

When security incidents occur, you want to know that your business is safe through a rapid, synchronised and highly effective response. At Teceze, our incident response experts instantly investigate attacks and seek out a way to contain the damage. They work to seek a remedy through working closely with your team. Once they have identified a plan of attack, they can then restore your data and protect your systems. Teceze’s incident responders investigate attacks, contain the impact, take immediate remediation actions by collaborating with your in-house teams where needed, and finally restore data and systems to a protected state.

  • Cyber Security

    Automated Response with Full Supervision

  • Cyber Security

    Incident response all day, every day

  • Cyber Security

    Complete Coverage

  • Cyber Security

    Coordinated Defence

Teceze’s Incident Response Service

A joint response that is well-organized

When it comes to incident response, it involves a fast-paced world
of procedures and technologies that are constantly evolving. To achieve a high-quality response and the right forensics, in-house teams that use limited resources work closely with the experts. Our security incident response platform leads the way and makes it possible for incident responders to work with your teams. We add
our skills and knowledge to help implement a coordinated and fast response to all incidents.


Automated Response with Full Supervision

We use an advanced response automation platform as part of our incident response service which includes work-flows, case management, forensic tools, and playbooks for the most common of incidents. At the time when a new threat is counteracted by our incident responders, the solution is instantly added to the platform, so it can be used as an automatic response.

Human and Artificial Intelligence working as one

Cyber Security

Our cybersecurity experts bring with them the very best in experience, expertise, and threat intelligence. Our world-class incident response management system seamlessly brings together human knowledge and Artificial Intelligence. As a result, we offer an “around-the-clock” response to the incidence that affects:

– Payment card data, financial data, and bank transfers that are unauthorized

– Confidential market, strategy and research data, intellectual property

– Personally identifiable information (PII) including the information relating to employees and customer or patient health information (PHI)


Based on your specific needs and risks, we create an incident response plan that works quickly and effectively. We make sure that the plan is clear to you and we provide updates when required, enabling us to work fast to deploy the plan.

Why Choose Teceze’s Incident Response Service?

Our service is fast and every single response is well managed and coordinated for maximum effect.

  • Incident response all day, every day
    An attack can occur at any time but Teceze’s incident response team is available at any time of the day. Our staff are on hand to deliver expert knowledge and our state-of-the-art technology platform. We are always prepared to deal instantly with attacks using your cyber defense.
  • Complete Coverage
    Our team of responders become familiar with your network, operations, a specific need, and document them from the first day we begin working with you in order to deliver the fastest possible response. In order to address the full extent of every threat, we respond rapidly and coordinate the correct actions.
  • Coordinated Defense
    Our security incident response team incorporates reverse engineers who can take malicious files and analyze them. We also call upon the expertise of intelligence experts to determine the severity of situations as well as trained coordinators to reduce the impact and neutralize threats across your business.

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