Our ISO 27001 Consultancy Service

Many organisations have different reasons for considering ISO 27001. Prospective customers, employees, legislative and enforcement bodies, regulators and business partners are increasing their demand for organisations to demonstrate effective Information Assurance. It is becoming a common practice for those businesses,
that cannot demonstrate effective Information Assurance to be disregarded when
it comes to tenders. Alongside this, they will attract the attention of the regulation
and be under constant inspection.

At Teceze, our ISO 27001 consultancy service aims
to provide your team with an understanding
of the standard before determining the correct
setting for the standard in relation to your
organisational needs. We provide further
information below relating to our ISO 27001
services, however, if you would benefit from a
conversation with our experts then we
are here for you.

ISO 27001 Blueprint/Gap

The current shape of the focus areas of the business is reviewed as part of the gap analysis stage.

They are then measured against the controls and requirements of ISO 27001, where those areas that meet the specific requirements are identified alongside those areas, that are not meeting the requirements.

This stage is important as it makes it possible for Teceze and you to understand the resources required as part of the project. A report is generated at this point and the findings of the gap analysis are reported and that feeds into the initial Statement of Applicability (SoA).

ISO 27001 Pre-Assessment Review

Our Pre-Audit Assessment Service can help to significantly reduce the failure of risk and the costs associated with a re-audit. Prior to the Certification Audit, we will carry out a visit in order to identify any areas that could be improved.

We provide you with a report that clearly indicates the actions to carry out to attain and go beyond the compliance that is expected of you to achieve your Certification Audit.

ISO 27001 Training

Using our in-depth and practical experience of delivering a wide range of ISO 27001 related projects with a number of sectors, we are able to deliver effective ISO 27001 training. We deliver our training and education to individuals within the private and public sector.

All of which, is underpinned by our experience in designing and implementing effective information security management systems. Our training is based on attention to detail and thoroughness, in the same way as our consultancy but at its core, it is logical and practical.

ISO 27001 Remediation

Often, there are a number of actions required for the organizations that are implementing ISO 27001 ISMS for the first time. These actions can help them to achieve the desired outcome, especially in the Governance area.

During the remediation phase, Teceze is content with undertaking any role required, including Ad-Hoc consultancy right through to the planning and ownership of all remediation actions. Throughout, Teceze ensures that effective Information Assurance is given to the client. This is delivered by focusing on the implementation of an ISMS that can be sustained over a specific period.

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