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Maintaining the right skill-sets in the right positions is always a limiting factor in the development strategies of an company, but this should not be the case any more. Teceze Ltd Smart Hands services, which includes a network of over 500+ qualified engineers, allow your company to access and pay for resources only when you need them. No longer had to pay for stagnant technological services in one area while looking frantically for additional resources in another. Based on the needs of your company, Teceze will fill vital holes in your current operations, or extend your existing operations to new areas, opening the gates to expanding the market.

If your technical assistance is currently restricted on-site, you can use Field Engineer to help expand your scope globally. Smart Hand engineers provide deployment assistance, installation assistance, troubleshooting, and monitoring. There is no need to restrict such requirements when a platform such as Teceze will help you extend your scope and access such services globally.

Data center

Technology Partners

Supported Technologies


Windows and Unix-Based Servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN)


Hubs, Routers, Switches, Modems, VOIP, Video Conferencing Equipment


PCs, Workstations, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, PDA’s


Remote Sensors, Edge Gateway, Embedded Devices & Equipment

These technologies could be supported by our infrastructure and network of technicians whether it belongs in a data center or out in the field. Our team has assisted every major platform from Windows and Linux based servers to entirely new & creative technologies from the various startups bringing exciting new technologies to the market.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Qualified IT workforce available when and where you need them
  • Expert guidance provided by our Excellence Hub
  • Increase agility, improve uptime and enhance satisfaction
  • Services include installation, upgrades and troubleshooting
  • World wide operation with nearly 500+ certified technicians
  • Certifications include CCNA, CCNP, A+, Net+, MCSE, Security+, Mobility+ and ITIL

Global Presence


Countries coverage around the World


Regional offices across Americas, APAC & EMEA


Equipment supported across

Our Edge

IT smart hands

If you’ve never tried it before, now is the ideal time for you to contact Teceze and make the most of everything that our Managed Smart Hands service has to offer. With 500+ engineers waiting to assist you around the Globe, you’ll quickly recognize the advantages it can bring to your business.

Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services.

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