Regardless of the platform, our mobile app developers can create apps that are robust and reliable. We have experience of creating apps for a wide range of platforms including iOS and Android. Our aim is to help customers find a solution to the problems they face. Mobile apps are still growing and this is likely to continue due to the requirements of users, cheaper data plans and improved devices. The likes of the Apple App store continue to redefine the boundaries of applications and our aim is to move with this.

-mobile application team


The smartphone marketplace has seen new standards created and this has mean that app development has grown exponentially. Our mobile application team is supported by our Testing Team and their knowledge and understanding helps them to test apps using a wide range of variable. All apps are tested across all devices and for those apps that run on web services we test using Unit Testing and Load Testing. We are there to assist you to the point where you go live.

Many business choose to use the Android platform because of the lower cost of devices that simplicity behind the ability to push apps to devices. Restaurants, factories, retail outlets and even hospitals are now using android apps for internal purposes. When it comes to dealing with big data, this technology can work seamlessly with existing web application. Therefore, we make the integration of cross-device and cross-platform solutions simple with app discovery and mobile analytics. Our app developers have experience in Windows Mobile app and porting and migrating Windows Mobile apps to other platforms while also offering migration/porting services from Windows Mobile to other mobile platforms.