Network Design and Implementation

Through our expert assistance and knowledge of our network solutions, we provide guidance and help you. This covers everything from network design to follow-on support and everything else in between.

This enables your business to optimize its performance and benefit from impressive design capabilities that are merged with the very best technologies to deliver an IT environment that is both scalable and highly effective.

This will ensure that your organizational-wide targets and objectives are met, enabling your business to grow and move forward.

Teceze Leading Solutions

Our service is underpinned by our desire to collaborate closely with you while identifying your current network and identifying your requirements. As part of this service, we will consider bandwidth and security as a part of the critical areas of your network. Once we identify those problematic areas, we put a working solution in place that ensures your business operates efficiently.

We understand that the needs of your business will evolve with an ever-changing landscape and so, our strategy and design consultants will develop a solution that is designed around your specific needs. This will ensure complete optimization of your network and help to minimize your costs. Our expertise and knowledge will ensure that your complete network will benefit from enhanced manageability, it will be simplified and easily scalable and that comes from our smart thinking and design. We believe in the right design and implantation at every stage and so, we use industry best practices from start to finish.

Our ability to use our specialized skills and understanding of the design and implementation will ensure that your business benefits from our service, all of which is underpinned by our continued support and management of 10, 40, and 100GE core networks that reach out as far as the distribution and access layer. We incorporate Energy Wise technology into our designs and that makes the growth of your business a realistic and manageable target.


Network Optimization


Network Security


Wireless Networks


Network Design

Improved Network Performance and Efficiency

The aim of our diagnostic, strategic planning, and performance optimizations service is to assist our clients in improving the efficiency of their network and the way in which it performs. The future requirement of the business and the way in which it currently operates are assessed and then we bring the network infrastructure in line with the new objectives of the business. This involves the implementation of applications including analytics, cloud, mobility, big data, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
Therefore, the results we typically deliver include a detailed plan of network investments that fall in line with the latest technology and business strategies. All of this is backed by your drive and desire to work closely with clients to roll out the upgraded network while reducing risk and enhancing efficiency, performance, and network operations.

How Our Clients Benefit?

– Our ability to determine where costs can be cut, we can help to reduce costs significantly.
– Return on Investment will be greatly enhanced due to our desire to increase the life of your investments as well as their use.
– Productivity will be increased along with application performance which aids the optimization of your network.
– Security threats are actively measured and the correct preventative measures are put in place to enhance security.
– Flexibility and versatility of the network will make scaling up your business an easy process.
– Your investments will be made with a greater understanding, helping you to manage budgets and expenditures more efficiently.

Benefits of Our Solutions

 Reduce costs: quickly identify overspending or potential cost savings on your network.
 Increase your ROI: extending the life and use of your existing investments.
 Optimise your network: enhancing application performance and staff productivity.
 Improve security: proactive, preventative measures to combat security threats.
 Scale efficiently: designing a network that is flexible and robust for future requirements.
 Spend wisely: helping you plan for the future, making the right investments at the right time.

Enhanced Wireless Solutions

Every business has to remain connected in a world that is fast-paced. This ensures that your business can communicate when required. Our team of dedicated specialists is designed to manage every aspect of your wireless needs and that gives your business
the scope to become mobile. Of course, putting the correct wireless solutions in place requires planning, testing and monitoring, and a service level agreement (SLA) to ensure that the business application compatibility remains validated and maintained. Our solutions are supported by thorough planning and testing and this guarantees that we actively seek out the very best products for your specific needs.


How Can You Benefit from Our Wireless Networks?

Increased Mobility - Mobility is a massive benefit for all businesses as users can sit at any terminal located throughout the business.

Employees will have the capacity to obtain information from anywhere on the premises and that makes it easier to share information and collaborate in meetings regardless of where they are located.

We believe in making savings without compromising on quality and that is why we liaise with industry specialists to help choose the very best wireless technology for your needs. The rapid pace at which this industry change requires us to create a solution that has the flexibility built-in so, that it can adapt and move with your business. We consider everything in order to enable us to find the very best solutions at an affordable price for you.

Facilitates BYOD 

More and more businesses are now adopting a Bring Your Own Device Approach. Employees are now encouraged to bring in their own devices and are also being given access to the wireless networks. This makes it easier for employees to complete their tasks while making it possible for businesses to save money.

Enhance Productivity 

When staff can work in a more mobile way, it can enhance productivity as they can collaborate when they need to. It provides a greater level of freedom to operations and makes the working process more streamline.


Using public Wifi Hotspots 

When staff is away from the office, they can visit many coffee shops, airports, or even universities to continue to work. They can access emails and even connect to your network remotely.


Expansion can often be a problem for wired networks and extending that network can prove problematic when it comes to running additional cabling and installing hardware. However, a wireless network removes that problem and makes it possible to add new users easily. It is quick, convenient, and makes it easier for offices to be altered without the need to move equipment.


Guest Access

Visitors will also have the ability to access your secure network, giving them access to data they need as well as respond to emails.





Telephone calls can be made over a wireless network. VOIP calls can often be free and the devices used can cost a lot less than the usual technology that is used to make calls.


wireless network


Wireless Networks Save Money

A hard-wired network can prove costly, especially when you consider the cabling, labour and maintenance costs that come with it. Once a wireless network is installed, maintenance costs are lower and the costs of scaling up are low.


improve health


Improved Health and Safety

No wires mean that there is a reduced risk of tripping or falling. This ensures the safety factor. 

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