Are You a PCI DSS Compliant?

Commonly, PCI DSS projects begin somewhere in the middle. They are accompanied by gap analysis or the implementation of technical controls in order to adhere to the standard. Often, moving forward in this way can prove costly and it can also mean committing funds to access systems that are not included in the final plans. It can also mean implementing intricate solutions that have no bearing on overall compliance. All PCI DSS projects are initiated by Teceze and they are accompanied by a strategy review that assesses all areas of the business to identify those that are in line for PCI DSS. We then decide on a cost-effective approach to handle these elements while reducing risks and meeting the standard.

The aim is to remove as much as possible from the scope before simplifying what remains in order to identify a clear compliance project. This could lead to altering business processes instead of changing technical solutions. All acceptance channels are examined by Teceze and then alternative strategies to compliance are identified.

PCI DSS Strategy Phase

The strategies included are:

- Business process alteration

- Outsourcing

- Tokenization

- Point-to-point encryption and technical change.

From the strategy phase, will come a clear plan that offers a high level of cost-effectiveness and a route to compliance. All queries about merchant levels, reporting, compliance validation, possible costs as well as other areas that bear significance on the project will be answered by us.

Teceze can also assist in senior stakeholder briefings as the success of a PCI DSS compliance project can be influenced by senior stakeholder buy-in throughout the business.

PCI DSS Scope Gap Analysis

The whole compliance program is underpinned by the importance of identifying an accurate range of your environment. A Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), at this point, will help you identify those areas of the business that store, process and transmit cardholder data in relation to the strategy phase identified above. This ensures that the strategies relating to scope reduction are documented and agreed upon. Clear and negligible scope for compliance should remain at the end of this stage.

The current compliance status is considered to form an important part of all remediating decisions, as that can enhance the effectiveness of any PCI DSS project. The applicable requirements that are identified during the scoping phase are lined up against a full review carried out on-site of the identified card data environment (CDE). Each area of non-compliance is documented and recorded and forms a part of the security improvement plan with advice being provided on how to turn the bad areas into good areas.

PCI DSS Remediation & Pre-audit Assessment

The gaps that were identified in the PCI DSS Gap Analysis are addressed during the remediation phase. This will include changes made technically and from a business perspective. There will also be training and awareness provided as well as dealing with all other steps that were identified in other phases as being crucial to achieving compliance. Teceze forms an important part of the remediation phase and does so, following the request from the client.

We are here to listen to any changes that are proposed or if you wish, we could play a pivotal role in helping to deal with complex organizational changes that are part of the compliance project. To determine whether the environment is ready for a compliance audit, the pre-audit validation stage is based on documentation and interviews. At this point, we consider the expectations of the final audit in relation to the evidence and documentation. We make sure that we are ready and prepared for a final audit that has a final successful outcome.

PCI Compliance Remediation Service & PCI DSS Training

It is important that fast remediation is identified when a compliance gap is found as part of the pre-assessment or an on-site audit. The PCI compliance team at Teceze calls on the expertise of technology and GRC experts who cover a wide range of functional practice areas. You can be sure that the expertise that comes with our team ensures that all gaps that are identified, are dealt with using their specific knowledge and skillset.

When it comes to PCI-DSS compliance, you will be provided with all the relevant information and data. This is the perfect place to start for anyone who is just starting out in this standard and has the aim to enhance his or her practical and comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the standard. The course is designed to help you create a plan that is cost-effective and designed to address each requirement for your organization.


All organization that has to comply with the PCI data security standard will have to carry PCI DSS compliance validation on an annual basis.

Included in the assessment is:

– Certification Assessment Preparation
– Onsite Validation Assessment
– Compliance Reporting

All of the requirements of the PCI Security Standards Council underpin the onsite assessment as it is delivered accordingly. This can lead to a complete Report on Compliance or help with a Self-Assessment Questionnaire as needed.


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