Secure Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions should be enabled to keep the businesses up and running even at times of crisis or natural disasters. It significantly reduces the office cost when a remote workforce is set up.

Why You Need Remote Working Solutions?

Organizations and businesses across the globe are facing new challenges in securely and quickly connecting work-from-home employees. This new reality is causing unexpected increases in mobile workers; many organizations simply don’t have enough VPN licenses or Bandwidth to accommodate the increase of users.

Teceze understands the new challenges your business or organization is facing. We’re committed to helping you implement cost-effective technology to ensure your employees are safe and your organization remains operational.

To help, Teceze is making its remote access products and services available to both new and existing customers via deeply discounted rates. We’re working closely with partners and customers to ensure these will help both enterprises and SMBs during this challenging time.

Explore the new offers below and contact teceze or your teceze partner for help expanding your remote workforce.

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How Remote Working Solutions Benefits Companies ?

  • Increased Productivity
  • Experts availability 24/7
  • Time Management
  • Employee Retention
  • Uninterrupted Business
  • Secure & Authorized Access
  • Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking tool

Why Teceze For Remote Working Solutions?

As providers in both networking and security, our specialists are perfectly placed to help you define and deploy a secure remote access solution for your organization.

We’re helping customers empower remote workers with secure remote access to critical systems. We help legal firms to securely access their sensitive client information, healthcare professionals to gain secure access to patient details while performing home visits and construction firms to centrally access data regardless of location.


How We Provide Our Services?

Our safe remote working, and collaborative solutions keep the people linked and secured while delivering outstanding user experience. With every dimension of providing innovative workforce strategies, we will help you – and on an accelerated basis to meet the urgent needs of today. Our main strengths cover:


24/7 Platform Support

Support services at Teceze are on hand at any time to help you get the best out of the solution.


Vulnerability Scanning

Teceze performs a continuous risk assessment and offers priority remediation measures based on our own intelligence analysis and various third-party sources.


Endpoint Protection

Cover online or offline endpoints, gain vast visibility across endpoints, including low-level device operation, and recognise malicious techniques.


Hybrid Asset Discovery

Teceze constantly collects information about the volume, position, and condition of assets in the cloud, on-site, or in hybrid environments around the enterprise.


Topology Map

Visualize the processes and their interrelationships combined with vulnerability and coverage status. Easily prioritise which region of the community needs to be concentrated in order to enhance the safety posture.


Real-time Reporting

Dashboards and reporting provide real-time analysis of vulnerabilities, configuration problems, and vulnerabilities, including the PCI DSS Audit and HIPAA audit-ready reports.

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