Keep your organisation secure with a trusted managed SOC

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC-as-a-Service) delivers advanced, next generation managed threat detection and incident response services to safeguard your organisation from emerging cyber threats ensuring regulatory compliance.

24 X 7 Protection

Defend against the constantly evolving cyber threats with 24/7 monitoring and protection.

Highly Qualified Team

Teceze’s in-house UK SOC and SIEM are engineered for power and performance.

Lowest Cost

SOC as a Service is the most affordable way to access maximum cyber protection.

Expert Analysts

Our managed SOC is staffed by highly qualified, experienced security professionals.

Why SOC as a Service?

Organizations are facing new security problems as cloud computing grows. Putting a high degree of security is not within the reach of any organisation. Choosing to outsource SOC services to Teceze offers the organisation’s expertise and skills to counter cyber threats directly and effectively. By mixing state-of-the-art technology with genuine human intuition, the trusted, controlled SOC from Teceze provides accurate, actionable advice to keep your data secure. Our Managed  SOC-as-a-service is ideally tailored for organisations that want to have a comprehensive understanding of what is happening within their network, both on the premise and in the cloud, in order to be able to respond to potential threats instantly.

Key Features

  • 24/7 protection against cyber threats from our advanced in-house SOC
  • Cutting-edge threat intelligence means we’re always ahead of the hackers
  • Simple pricing structure delivers affordable premium cyber protection
  • Rapid on-boarding and deployment provides immediate cyber protection
  • Engineered for native cloud, container, serverless & on-premises deployment

Managed Protection

  • Skilled security analysts backed by machine learning
  • Uncover unknown cyber risks with proactive threat hunting
  • Powerful runbooks for effective incident response support
  • Trusted security from industry pioneers
  • Management and compliance reporting

What we cover

With full transparency and a deep understanding of your full IT estate – we continuously monitor 24/7/365 across on-premise (physical & virtual), cloud (public & private) and hybrid infrastructures, endpoints (remote & local) and software (local & SaaS)

Saas - O365, G Suite, Okta, Box & more

Cloud IaaS - AWS, Azure

On Premise - Physical & Virtual Networks

Endpoints - Windows, Linux, MacOS

Our 6-step methodology

Our 6-step methodology | soc as a service | teceze

Accelerate SOC as a Service with Teceze USM

Teceze SOC provides automated threat identification, response to accidents, and compliance control – all in one unified solution. It provides all the critical SOC capabilities required for maximum security visibility across your on-site and cloud environments. You can remove the need to source multiple security items for your SOC operations with Our SOC solution, be audit-ready earlier, and get to real security insights faster.

Our SOC detects the new emerging threats from the security Lab Analysis Unit, with continuous threat intelligence. Our security analysis department works as an extension of your department, analysing the global threat environment on a regular basis and writing actionable threat information to the security platform including rules for connexion, signatures for vulnerability, guidelines for response and more. Furthermore, from the global Threat Exchange group, the labs team and the USM platform leverage crowd-sourced threat data.

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