Advanced Threat Protection

Without delving into further analysis of attack methods and how they occur, information such as IP reputation and filenames are of no use. Therefore, we roll out threat intelligence that works, and then we validate and implement them to fit around your requirements. Threat intelligence enables us to develop the precise steps that can help to detect, respond and mitigate global threats.


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Teceze’s Threat Anticipation Service

At Teceze, we constantly monitor and collect threat-related data that we retrieve from a wide range of threat intelligence feeds. We collect this vital data from certain threat intelligence feeds such as;

  • Tactical Machine Intelligence Data
  • Vulnerability Advisories
  • The News
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • The Dark Web
  • And other non-public sources on our threat intelligence platform.

Our Solutions

After we have collected the data, it is validated and delivered in a format that is clear and concise. The information you receive all relevant data including malicious IPs, URLs, Files, hashes process and signatures. You can then use this data and apply it to your security products and IT devices enabling you to strengthen your levels of prevention, detection and the way in which you respond to threats. Through smart analysis of breaches and attacks that occur globally, we can extract vital threat intelligence data. This could include reversed IOCs, malware samples, the exploited CVEs and the specific TTPs used in the attack as well as other data that we believe is relevant from the cyber attacks

Using this threat intelligence that we remove from unstructured breach data, we can create action items that are specific to you and so, it must be deployed to enhance your prevention, detection and response levels to these reported cyber incidents.

Teceze’s Threat Anticipation Service – Why You Need It?

Relying on such generic threat intelligence data is no longer enough to keep you protected from threats that could bring our business to its knees. Therefore, we adopt a forward-thinking approach to threat anticipation and deliver clear and specific cyber security outcomes.

A platform that is Technologically Advanced

Using more than 200 sources, our threat intelligence platforms has the ability to deliver advanced threat anticipation features. This includes text analytics for categorization, correlation and direct scoring of threat intelligence data and contextual matching with your IT assets and network data.
You will benefit from real threat anticipation capabilities that are derived by our platform and our large threat analytics team.

A Global Team of Threat Analysts

It takes the right team of threat anticipation specialist to collate, assess and analyse threat data to identify threats that are relevant to your environment. To assist you in understanding the threat data, we rely on a large team of highly skilled experts. They are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any cyber threats you are concerned about.

Our Global Team reguarly look out for the data breaches and cyber incidents being reported around the Globe. Using the gathered information, we retrieve key intelligence from the data. It might include Malware samples, particular TTPs that were involved in the cyber attack, exploited CVEs and more. Depending on the intelligence gathered from the occured data breaches, our team enforces action items to be deployed for preventing data breaches and cyber attacks.

  • Real-Time Threat Intelligence

    Regardless of the level of threat, we apply a vast amount of understanding to our prevention, detection and response services. This ensures that you benefit from a reduction in the time required to identify attacks that are impending or have already occurred as well as the methods and motivations that underpin these attacks.

  • We Go All the Way

    We don’t just provide you with the raw data and leave you to understand what it all means. We are an Intel provider that cares about your security. Therefore, our experts will authenticate and organise the data and deliver it to you in a way that ensures it works with your IT assets and networks. We then work to neutralise all key action items for detection, response or prevention.

  • AI Driven Threat Intelligence Threat landscape is evolving, and our security technology must be prepared. Our adaptive security relies on artificial intelligence analysis of cybercriminals behaviour to anticipate new attacks. AI capabilities helps in examining rapidly a large amount of information by using advanced math on huge scale information needed to anticipate threats.

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