Robust managed security consulting services drives cybersecurity in the right direction!

Each corporation encounters its own myriad of challenges, from standards and regulations to highly advanced threats to data protection. Cybersecurity is prominent on the business strategy, with the rise in cyber threats and data breaches affecting business and the public sector millions annually worldwide. It can still be harder to identify hidden vulnerabilities, formulate the right action plan, or to opt the best available technology for your environment to secure digital assets and comply with new laws, especially within our fast-paced and ever-adapting threat landscape, while still not hiring a CTO. Irrespective of the size of the company, a dedicated cybersecurity engineer's one-on-one expertise is always important to keep pace.

Teceze Cybersecurity Consulting Services

With our Cybersecurity consulting services we help companies evolve and flourish along with the transition to a proactive and resilient, cohesive enterprise defence plan from traditional reactive security protocols. However, we provide a no-compromise strategy that removes new hire obligations while providing the executive-level counsel required to thrive. Acquire a quality of service typically only offered by larger corporations. We give you vital insight into your current security posture with reviews, diagnosis and audits of your data protection, information security, critical infrastructure and technologies to sustain organizational strategic policies.


Information and Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity frameworks and guidelines are designed to protect data from attackers, who are attempting to hack, delay, change or manipulate the flow
of data from business, websites and web applications. The target, motive, organisational level, and technological capabilities of these attackers keep varying, prompting public and private entities to take ever-increasing measures to mitigate cyber-attacks.

In order to protect the integrity of critical infrastructure for financial systems, public health and more, our cybersecurity governance team maintains cybersecurity controls and protocols. We help private businesses to avoid revenue loss, damage to brand image, and possible fines or legal liability through our cybersecurity services and data protection.

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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

With vCISO, you stand to gain an outstanding CISO expertise and extremely talented professional for a fraction of the expense of a permanent employee.
You gain access to a vCISO managed risk management team. Get exposure
to a SOC with several vCISO supervision. We ensure to offer exposure to our response team for cybersecurity incidents. You retain a board-level resource from our vCISO services who can virtually sit in your company and oversee
your security policy, budget, risk analysis and compliance programs. Also,
our team will help with cyber risks, remediation, and enforcing the necessary cybersecurity measures.

Teceze vCISO Services include the below:

  • Information Security Strategy & Process Development
  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Controls Implementation
  • Security Process Monitoring and Updating
  • Security Oversight and Reporting
  • IT & Information Security Audits
  • Compliance

Incident Response & Management Consulting Services

Data breaches have become regular events, whether or not the company is prepared, for which you would need an incident response and incident management team. It is inevitable that hackers win sometimes, and security measures fail to mitigate an incident. We aim to detect intrusions and eradicate data breaches. Our incident response and management services are not just about implementing root cause analysis to assess why an incident occurred. Instead, we emphasis on doing whatever is needed to retain your business to a secure state. We have a dedicated team of experts in incident response, incident management, cyber forensics and security breach management. We reduce the response time to cyber incidents and the impact of security breaches, in order to help your business, recover faster.

Risk Assessment & Management Consulting Services

Our cyber risk management services analyse, eliminate, and manage risks.
Risk management and risk assessment of information security is a critical
element of the enterprise risk management process. It involves both the assessment of information security, physical threats to the company, the identification of effective risk management strategies and setting priorities
for the planning and supervision of security controls to protect your organization
against these cybersecurity threats. Collaborating with your team to build an efficient strategy for risk management. To formulate an information security program, a cybersecurity risk assessment is critical. Risk assessment and management includes people, processes (information handling) and technology.

Risk management and risk assessment require setting goals and making important decisions with respect to what is often called the "risk tolerance"
of the organisation. The primary step comes from organizational leadership in
making decisions regarding risk acceptance. The risk management framework can be administered by information security organisations, but organizational leadership must be consulted on the risk management that can’t be efficiently mitigated.

Network Security Consulting Services

As cyber-attacks have become more complex and continue to develop static technology will not keep up with them. Computer network security is critical. In order to avoid cyber-attacks and unknown threats, it requires intelligence and accuracy. Network protection and information security are of higher significance for most organisations. From all vantage points, attacks and breaches are rising, jeopardizing an ever-growing universe of assets. But you can protect your IT infrastructure with the right tools and techniques to identify and resolve problems before they turn into disasters, minimise downtime and optimize performance.

With Teceze Network Security services, we are rapidly transforming the new age of security operations and response with an overall security program in the industry. Using advanced technologies and dark web data detection technology, this groundbreaking, end-to-end network security operations and response infrastructure offer fast and reliable security insights and responses across endpoints, networks, clouds and users. We understand network protection, enforce security policies and best practices to prevent the computer network from being exploited. With some of the best cybersecurity consultants who stop cybercriminals before they begin, we provide cybersecurity consulting services.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Consulting Services

Managed 24/7 round-the-clock Security Operations Centre (SOC) gives assurance with remote and continuous monitoring by detecting cyber risks before your organisation is affected. Use our expert cybersecurity consulting team to protect your business.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) & Penetration Testing (PT) Consulting Services

A thorough understanding of your vulnerabilities is the initial step to formulate a better security strategy. Cybersecurity risks are addressed by vulnerability tests, penetration testing and social engineering tests. Our security tests for Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) concentrate on finding vulnerabilities in the software and hardware system infrastructure. Our Social Engineering evaluations also concentrate on the personnel and environmental inadequacies.

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Data Breach Management Consulting Services

Cybersecurity threats are rapidly emerging in the digital world, and cyber breaches are increasingly recognized. We are the leading consulting firm for cybersecurity on which you can rely. Our security breach consultants will review and counteract it. In addition, we can track the dark web to find out if your company-related user details, such as email addresses, usernames, and passwords, has been compromised.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

Uncover the strengths and limitations of your people
in the organization and motivate them against cybercriminals. Educating your employees, both technical and non-technical about the evolving social engineering and phishing scams is crucial. Only when your employees are aware of the risks they could potentially cause, the cybersecurity posture of your organization could be effective as humans are majorly responsible for most of the cyber-related incidents.

IT Security Audits and Compliance Consulting

In order to find out where vulnerabilities and security flaws occur across the on-premise and cloud networks, our experienced cybersecurity experts conduct a thorough security analysis, cybersecurity assessment and network evaluation. In every area of cybersecurity, from strategic software design, research, to technological engineering, we perform data security consulting and security audits using our certified ethical hackers. We guide organizations to achieve compliance standards. We assist businesses to align Governance, Risk and Compliance operations with our IT security consulting frameworks such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, Cyber Essentials. We guide in formulating information security policies that regulate or complies with the current information security standard compliance regulations.

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Application Security Consulting

By integrating our managed security services and risk management services, we are focused on securing all your crucial web applications that add value to your business.

When implementing cybersecurity techniques that fit well with your business model and budget, tap into a vast knowledge base. We excel in strategic advisory service, evaluation of vendors, and formulation of policies and controls, and techniques. Experience our
on-demand and as-needed assistance from industry experts who, when you need us the most, can step in. And to ensure that you handle the plethora of security issues that arise throughout the year, we are available on an ongoing basis.

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