Educational Sector

The Education sector is at an increased risk of information security attacks according to research, with 35% of all attacks occurs in the higher education sector. The reason is many higher education institutions hold a vast amount of information on open networks
that range from payment information to names and everything
else in between.

Challenges in Educational Sector

The key problem is the fact, that many institutions do not have appropriate security in place. Mobile devices and BYOD for staff and faculty, as well as, student-owned personal devices use the networks, highlighting the need
for strict policies and enhanced management of these policies to prevent
the network from becoming a mass of insecure data. There have to be
improved security processes implemented alongside the policies, as old
processes can inhibit the response time for the current security policies to
take effect.

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IT in Education Sector

The function of information technology is to provide an advanced approach to teaching and, through the use of technology, to enhance the learning system and to have a real learning experience. To further generalize this, the role of IT in education is to offer the best education in the world.