What is Dynamic Penetration Testing?


Dynamic Penetration Testing, delivered by Teceze, brings together the advantages of Manual Penetration Testing and Automated Vulnerability scanning. It removes the negative aspect of both and adds in remediation management on top to enhance its effectiveness. This constant dynamic penetration testing service delivers captivating perimeter monitoring through our Continuous Testing Services.


Our Dynamic Penetration Testing (DPT) Service provides a solution to
all security shortfalls by providing companies with regular updates on
their security status. The advanced software interface combines multiple strands of security information and displays it through a portal that is intuitive and accessible. Dynamic Penetration Testing gives our clients clarity and perspective on all risks. The risk associated with all vulnerabilities that have been identified individually, collectively, or explicitly to a host data set or system.

The Risk Profiling Algorithm from Teceze works alongside the customer-focused risk factors and industry-related information and Teceze Cyber Intelligence Network. We can recognise and prioritise where our client’s resources should be used in order to reduce the risks. Therefore, organizations will benefit from the regular assurance that their networks are safe and secure.

Common Issues solved by Dynamic Penetration Testing

  1. Repeat annual issues and vulnerabilities
  2. The reappearance of issues on an annual basis
  3. A clear disconnection between the Application and Server team
  4. Too many issues are identified in reports and too much time is spent focusing on low-level risks instead of focusing on the root cause.
  5. Test scans do not completely replicate the way in which hackers would behave
  6. An objective view is delivered through reports of the risks, value of data and assets. It is not focused on the view of the client and is instead Penetration Tester centric
  7. Resources are not used in an efficient manner
  8. Vulnerabilities are not grouped or categorized and so, only individual vulnerabilities are reported on
  9. Issues take 12 months to solve
  10. The landscape is constantly changing such as vulnerabilities, apps, IP ranges and the network
  11. The overall risk is not reported
  12. Risk is related to a negative occurrence and not a technical issue.

Dynamic Penetration Testing

Dynamic Penetration Testing is used to understand the security posture level in an organization. This method of penetration testing detects the security flaws that threaten the cybersecurity status of any organization.

It is significant in showcasing the vulnerable system or data that may lead to the exposure of your organization’s sensitive data or even might provide a potential entry point for hackers to gain access to your organization’s assets.

Dynamic penetration testing is a combination of manual pen testing and automated vulnerability scanning. Dynamic Penetration Testing ensures organizations of every industry that their organization’s networks are indeed secure.

What does Teceze’s Dynamic Penetration Testing offer to Your Business?

Dynamic Penetration Testing is mainly performed to provide insights to an organization on the security risks associated to the security vulnerabilities discovered. It shines the light on the vulnerable data or system specific to an organization. At Teceze, we use the Risk profiling algorithm and Cyber Intelligence Network to detect cyber risk factors and make it a priority to our end-clients in providing cyber protection and remedial management in reducing the risks associated with their particular industry and organization.

Teceze’s DPT will resolve the following:

  • Identifying OWASP Top 10 Security Flaws

  • Recurring security vulnerabilities

  • Cyber risks based on priority with the rapid response time.


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