Our clients can benefit from our Continuous Testing Service as it has been created to assist them in the management of risk through a dynamic and efficient approach that is different from the usual penetration testing. At the moment, the majority of organisations carry out testing on their external perimeter around twice a year but the risks can evolve through the year. Their networks evolve and therefore, new risks and attacks are identified regularly and so, clients are unaware that they are at risk throughout a large portion of the year.

3Continuous Security Testing

Requirements, Process, and Benefits

Often, large organisations are unable to manage the huge masses of information that are provided as a result of modern Penetration Testing. The TECEZE Continuous Testing Service carries out a complete and thorough penetration test that enables us to establish a baseline. All changes within the network are then monitored at a speed that is determined by the client which could be weekly, daily or even monthly. All changes that are then identified are then tested manually before the results are updated. It is not only changes that are monitored because the intelligent system has the capability to monitor the current results in order to identify new responsibilities that are then re- tested.

The client has the ability to run formal reports, XML files that can be imported into other systems, CSV files for use with Excel and many other formats. The client also has the option of reporting on all hosts or just a subset. The client is given complete control at all stages, and so, they can benefit from automated and manual testing that delivers a consistent technical risk identification and management system that can be used for long periods.

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